Build a Conservatory For a Greater Chance Of Sale

If you are selling your home, staging it to make it look as appealing, inviting and spacious as possible is a must, and can help you to get a higher price for your home. However, if it's in your budget, adding a conservatory on to your home can also increase its value significantly, typically by up to between 5 and 10 percent.

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conservatory services

Plenty of UK companies offer conservatory services, and as with any major renovations to your home, it pays to shop around and get at least several estimates for the work. Keep in mind that you may need to seek planning permission to have a conservatory added on to your home, and in addition to the initial building costs, you will need to budget for basic maintenance and perhaps higher heating bills. However, almost all homeowners agree that the addition of a conservatory can give you two big benefits - increased value and much needed extra space.

Increase Your Home's Value

The added value to your home is an obvious advantage, whether you are selling your home soon, or plan to live in it for the next few years. A conservatory is especially appealing to a potential buyer if you have a south facing garden, given the often unreliable English weather. A conservatory is also a selling point if it increases the size of a small and impractical kitchen, and if it doesn't affect the size of the garden too much. The addition of a conservatory instantly makes your home stand out from otherwise similar homes in the same street or same neighbourhood and can increase your chances of a quick sale in a sluggish housing market.

Extra Space

Of course, the other big advantage of adding a conservatory is the additional extra space. Although many homeowners see their conservatory as an extension of their sitting room, it can also be used as a dining room, playroom, study or office and even as a spare bedroom. If you are adding to your existing family, or you routinely have family visiting, the extra space is much appreciated. And it makes the perfect place for the kids to play if you just don't have the room in the rest of the house. A conservatory is also the perfect place to grow indoor plants, and if you don't have a basement or cellar, it can be used as storage for shoes, winter clothing, sports equipment, etc.